Personalized assistance means to us that every patient is the center of our attention.

Por integral care we understand that our help to the patient must penetrate the walls of the Medical Unit, facilitating the continuity in their attendance. For this, it is fundamental to be coordinated with Primary Care professionals and provide all the necessary information to maintain care outside the Medica unit.

Quality Assurance is for us to offer the patient accessible and efficient services, with advanced technological means and highly qualified professionals.

We keep in mind that a friendly treatment and a comfortable environment are fundamental to your assistance.

We have more than 17 years of experience working in the community, but today we combine efforts, technology and infrastructure to offer a service as you deserve, at a cost that is appropriate to your possibilities, as we consider our bases of functionality supported by Personalized, quality care to create a comfortable environment for our patients.


  • General Medicine
  • General Surgery
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Cardiology
  • Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Ophthalmology
  • Pediatrics
  • Urology
  • Traumatology and Orthopedics

* Free WIFI.

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