Medical Directory


EAt MIGOO we recognize all the people who work in our team as the most valuable resource, and we want them to find an atmosphere of respect and personal, professional development and fair and competitive compensation.

We work so that our average team counts on technology and availability of service to their patients, As with recognition and development in an ethical and cordial environment.

And we are aware that our patients are looking for an attention with levels of excellence, so we look for every day how to gather all our resources to achieve it.

Anaya Arce Jorge Luis (653) 534-6498 General Surgery and Gastroenterologist;logo
Catellanos Sáenz Ramón (653) 534-5670 Gynecology and Obstetrics
Dingfelder Miranda Juan (653) 534-1254 General Surgery and Gastroenterologist;logo
Garcia Galván Oscar (653) 534-3719 Pediatrics
Gonzalez Ochoa Reynaldo (653) 536-2080 Pediatric Surgeon
Gutiérrez Medina Jorge (653) 535-4777 Cardiology
Hoyos Najera Horacio (653) 534-3535 Traumatology and Orthopedics
Inclán Bernal Jorge A. (653) 534-5751 Gynecology and Sterility
Martínez Garcia Alejandro (653) 536-9571 Pediatrics
Mendez Meza Aaron (653) 535-4100 Oncologist
Muro Escobedo Jonathan (653) 534-0666 General Surgery, Laparoscopic and Surgical Endoscopy
Muro Escobedo Sissy Alejandra (653) 534-0666 Internal Medicine and Infectology
Muro Ortiz Juan de Dios (653) 534-0666 Internal Medicine and Cardiology
Payán Velarde Abel (653) 532-0101 Anesthesiologist;logo
Ramírez Gutiérrez Lucio (653) 535-9024 General Medicine
Robles Vidal Luis Dario (653) 534-2140 Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery
Valenzuela Martínez Juan Carlos (653) 536-5255 Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Velez Valdez Gabriel (653) 536-2099 Pediatrics
Willem Martínez Wolfwang (653) 536-3104 Urology